Article in The Forward: This High Holiday Season, We Are in Charge

Delighted with my first publication in a major Jewish newspaper: an opinion piece in The Forward on the challenges of celebrating Jewish High Holidays amidst the unprecedented synagogue and communal space lockdown. These extraordinary times offer an opportunity to create individual sacred spaces to celebrate the end of one Jewish year and the start of another. Our homes have already morphed into surrogate offices, schools, and playgrounds; now they’re about to become miniature synagogues 

Published in New York, The Forward is the oldest, continuously running (since 1897) Jewish news publication in the US, which for decades was the largest Jewish newspaper in the US, and at some point, had a wider circulation than The New York Times. Now entirely online, it has 50,000 subscribers and, according to its website, “more than a million unique visitors each month.”

Letter to the Editor of The Jewish Journal Published

On return from AWP, I found that my letter to The Jewish Journal (LA) got published in my absence. I’d sent it in response to a prior feature article about why the US should continue to support Israel. I suppose JJ timed it with the Israeli elections, as they put it at the very top of the Letters page, both in print and online. My letter highlights the spiritual significance of Israel in the American worldview.


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