A Los Angeles-based writer, blogger, and a deeply engaged father of two amazing teens, Lane Igoudin writes about gay fatherhood, adoptive parenting, as well as spiritual growth in the Jewish and Buddhist traditions. His recent publications include a serialized blog at Applied Jewish Spirituality, a guide for prospective foster/adoptiive parents on Adoption.com, posts distributed nationwide by Family Equality.org, and an article in The Forward (New York). Lane is professor of English and linguistics at Los Angeles City College.

Why I write

I didn’t start out as an author. With my early background in music, I first got into reviewing music, books, and theater. Then came the kids, second gradschool, and a full-time job teaching English and linguistics at Los Angeles City College.

I’ve had success publishing and presenting nationally and internationally on language teaching and sociolinguistic topics. And yet, when an important story needed to be told – the topsy-turvy saga of our public adoptions, or a way of forgiving a hurtful relative – I couldn’t help writing it down. So in a way, my stories tell themselves, and usually originate in a personal experience somewhere at the intersection of parenting, mindfulness, sexuality, and faith.

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