Blessing the Sea – Issue 4, November 2020 “Extraordinary Mujeres”

“Blessed are you, our eternal G-d, Ruler of the Universe, who made the great sea.”
A traditional, though rarely heard today, Jewish blessing upon encountering the majesty and the power of a large body of water. It’s a small but powerful reminder of many opportunities throughout the day to stop the rush and experience the reality, to touch its divine nature.

One of the historical wins of the 2020 US elections is the election of Kamala Harris, the first female vice president of the world’s leading superpower.
     Celebrating it – as a liberal, a feminist, and a gay man – I am dedicating this issue to inspiring, groundbreaking women. Daughters of different backgrounds and historical times, they all embody the spirit that breaks the mold, choosing a life pulsing with meaning.
     Also included here is my current piece in Applied Jewish Spirituality on the practice of perfecting patience – my go-to during the turbulent election season. 
     I am delighted to share these finds with you, my dear friends, haverim yakarim. And as always, I’d love to hear from you.

Enheduanna: Priestess, Princess, Poet

The planet’s earliest known writer, a Sumerian priestess from four millennia ago, is credited with the creation of the poetic genres we use to this day [ . . . ]

Spirit and Spunk of a Merchant’s Wife

My review of the memoir of Glucken of Hameln, a Jewish housewife in the 17th century Germany, deftly leading her husband and 14 children through precarious times. [ . . .

Mujerista Theology, or Finding Sacredness amidst Poverty and Oppression

Is search for sacredness a class privilege? Wealth and safety, show recent studies of women in the impoverished Latin American communities, are not pre-requisites for spiritual empowerment, and the response to the daily hardships can be a sacred act itself. [ . . . ]

Patience, A Mindful Response to Things Gone Wrong

In this new post on the Applied Jewish Spirituality blog, I focus on cultivating patience as an essential spiritual practice in both Buddhism and the Jewish ethical tradition of Mussar. [ . . .

Narkis: A Voice of Faith and Courage

A brave, ultra-Orthodox woman who is not afraid to divorce, and yet covers her hair, Narkis is one of the most complex figures on the Israeli music scene today. To appear before an audience that includes men, she first had to ask her Hasidic rabbi for permission. With his blessing, she now performs and sings alongside men. Hear Narkis sing “Aneni” (‘Answer Me’) – an impassionate hymn written by R. Shalom Korah, subtitled in English. [ . . . ]

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