Israel Photos / Summer 2022

Gaby and I spent some time in Israel this summer. She participated in a four-week JNF community service trip for American teens. I took a course on Jewish spirituality at Hebrew University. Later on, we met up and traveled together some more, but we also tried to visit as many of our relatives as we could. Here are some photos from our trip.

With Inbal Shaked (Rina Sagiv’s granddaughter) and her daughter Shira in Zichron Yaakov
With Polina Krepak, her sons Tomer and Dani, and daughter-in-law in Netanya

With Howard Fox in Nes Tziona

Eitan and his son Gil at the overlook over the Hula Valley from the Naftali Mountains

Eitan is looking out over the Hula Valley. Over the last 6 decades, he has played a major part in its transformation into Israel’s agricultural backbone.

Shabbat dinner at Kibbutz Gadot with Eitan and Eli’s families. Yes, there is a challah and kiddush wine on the table!

Visiting Eli’s family in Gadot: Ariella, Dror, Miriam + Eitan

Ofri and her father Eitan took us to the Eden Springs in Golan.

Visiting the restored ruins of the Ein Keshatot synagoguein the Golan. (I posted in more detail on Facebook about our Golan trip).

At Ein Keshatot with Eitan and Ofri