Curriculum Vitae

Lane Igoudin, MA, PhD

Professor, ESL and Linguistics
English/ESL Department
Los Angeles City College

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Dr. Igoudin is a tenured professor of ESL and Linguistics with 16 years of instructional experience in the English/ESL Department of Los Angeles City College. He has published book chapters and articles in the fields of applied linguistics and language teaching pedagogy, and presented at national and international conferences.


Dr. Igoudin specializes in teaching writing and reading ESL courses leading up to Freshman Composition (transfer-level English) as well as undergraduate linguistics courses (Introduction to Language and Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Psycholinguistics). Ceritifed by LACCD to teach online using Canvas LMS, he has taught courses in 3 modalities: in-person on campus, live on Zoom, and asynchronously (module-based). Prior to starting full-time at LACC in 2010, Dr. Igoudin had taught part-time at LACC, Long Beach City College, Coastline College, Cypress College, and California State Polytechnic University at Pomona.


At LACC, Dr. Igoudin has originated a state-certified Certificate of Achievement in Linguistics, as well as the following courses:

  • LING 3 Introduction to Psycholinguistics
  • ESL 4C, ESL 5C, and ESL 6C ESL Listening and Speaking
  • ESL 8 Advanced ESL Composition
  • ESL 110 Freshman Composition for Non-Native English Speakers

As Chair of the Los Angeles Community College District ESL Committee in 2011-15, Dr. Igoudin coordinated the development of the districtwide credit ESL writing/grammar, listening/speaking, and reading course sequences.

English/ESL Representative on the LACC Curriculum Committee, 2010-present: responsible for the curricular maintenance and course development in the department’s three programs (English, ESL, and Linguistics).

Course Coordinator and SLO Assessment Coordinator for Linguistics and Advanced ESL Writing Courses (2010-present)

Graduate Name Reader, LACC Commencements (2018-2020)


In addition, Dr. Igoudin has given talks on careers in teaching English and linguistics for gradstudents at CSU Long Beach, UC Santa Barbara, and UCLA.

Dr. Igoudin holds a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics with the option in Teaching ESL and a TESL Certificate from California State University, Long Beach. Prior to changing his career to teaching English, Dr. Igoudin had earned a doctorate from Stanford University in a non-language field. 

In 2018-2019, he served as an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow with the Excellence in Pedagogy and Innovative Classrooms Program (EPIC) of the Humanities Division of University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), assisting in the development of new, interdisciplinary undergraduate programs at UCLA.

In 2013, he received the David Eskey Award for Curricular Innovation in ESL from CATESOL (California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). The award was presented at the CATESOL 2013 Conference in San Diego.

In 2005, he completed the Project MATCH Faculty Internship program with Los Angeles Community College District.


A professionally trained linguist, Dr. Igoudin is proficient, at different skill levels, in English, French, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish.

Book Chapters

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Get in touch

Lane is always available for teaching opportunities, research collaborations and talks. If you want to chat about sociolinguistics, writing and reading pedagogies, his non-fiction writing, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.