DISPOSITIONS: Two Fathers, Two Babies, and a Trial that Made Us a Family – An Overview

A courtroom drama and an unconventional family memoir, Dispositions recounts Lane and his partner’s rollercoaster adoption of two children from the Los Angeles County foster system, as well as Lane’s personal journey to parenting. The book is currently under contract with University of Wisconsin Press for its “Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiographies” series.

Dispositionsis a frank account of a recent, three-year battle against the system, which offers a documentary peek into in the deeply dysfunctional world of children’s courts and child protective services. Above all, however, this is a true story of an American family: the love, dedication, and the heartache it takes to build one, and the growth and transformation that it brings.

This wouldn’t be the first adoptive parent narrative to be published. None so far, however, has dealt with a man’s, including gay man’s, experience of public adoption. Dispositions is also a gay memoir for the new millennium, one that simply wasn’t possible a few years ago. At its center is the making of a thriving family led by an interracial male couple, whose household is a mosaic of cultures (African-American, Jewish, Latino, Russian).

Several veteran social work professionals who read Dispositionsfound it both “hard to put down” and a “must-read” for prospective parents, as reflected in their Testimonials on this website in the “About the Author” section.